Fri, December 04, 2015

But singing in Icelandic didn’t always come easy for him, “The first time, this was in Sweden, December 2007. Because Masterpiece of Bitterness came out in 2005, it was all in English and Köld was supposed to be all in English and I had sung the ‘Köld’ song in English but I said to the guys I want to try this in Icelandic and they agreed, so I sung it in Icelandic… I was so shy because it was so clean and I was like no, no go for the English because it’s easier but they were like no, no, no! We had a little bit of an argument because I wasn’t cocky enough to say this sounds good enough. I was really vulnerable and it was too soft… We are a metal band! But fuck that… It was the same when we did ‘Fjara’ we were like can we really do a song like this? People are going to abandon us. We started thinking about what people will think. Hold on, we don’t give a shit. We take chances we like that.” Touring all over the world may have been enjoyable but it hasn’t influenced the writing process of the songs; “Not at all. You can appreciate more where you come from. I used to live here in London. It’s like you lived in The Shire and you move to Mordor so that makes you appreciate where you come from more. Going back to The Shire. I don’t know why, I have never written songs on the road.”

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