Berdreyminn Review - Metal Obsession

Berdreyminn Review - Metal Obsession

Thu, June 01, 2017

But it’s not all thoughtful dreamscapes and operatic extravagance, trust me, Berdreyminn rocks. Take the song Isafold, with its psychedelic riff work which alters but never loses sense of itself, the hypnotism of the percussion and bass, the simple but searing guitar licks or Tryggvason’s rocking vocals on Silfur-Refur that will have you stomping your feet within seconds and endless other examples of why Berdreyminn is an album that affects the viscera as well as the mind.

Berdreyminn is a joy to listen to as it transports you to a time and place outside of yourself. To somewhere more simple, defined and natural. A fine addition to Solstafir’s already respectable output which enhances their very appealing sound and aesthetic (their music videos are great) and reinforces my desire to visit Iceland.

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